ec target servizi cina produzione e controllo qualita

Production and Quality Control

EC Target can offer consultancy services both to small and medium enterprises, but also to top industrial companies that decide to move their business into Chinese market.

We can support your company for the whole production or during single phases: supplier selection, production, quality control, etc.

The initial market research is a very important component of business strategy, to gather information and understand if producing in China is worthwhile for your specific business.

Then we can help you select the most qualified factories for your production, taking into consideration quality, production time, budget. Our support can be precious as to negotiation and agreement, as well.

The quality control is a pivotal phase, since Chinese factories generally start production against a 30/40% down payment, and ship the goods after the final payment. Therefore, accurately checking the product through a quality control in the factory before final payment and shipping is vital, so as to promptly ask for changes and improvements, without extra costs.

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