China Services

Due to a wide know-how of the Chinese social and economic fabric, EC Target can offer consultancy services both to small and medium enterprises, but also to top industrial companies that decide to move their business into this market.

Thanks to our experience in China, we can be your perfect partner for translation and interpreting. Whether it is a few paragraphs that need to be translated from one language to another, or a website or an exhibition catalogue, our experienced staff can get the job done fast and accurately. Our highly experienced interpreters are able to offer you their precious support for simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, and chuchotage.

For business travel or incentive tours, EC Target is the perfect partner for planning and coordinating your guests or employees. We can organise a tour in several cities, and we will take care of booking flights, trains, hotels, restaurants.

Moreover, we support Italian firms, which are already working in China, in all steps of production, from negotiation to quality control and customs procedures.

As to Chinese clients, we can support them as well, managing contacts, visa procedures, business travels in Italy, meetings, events and trade shows.

Our mission is to offer a wide and complete range of services in order to support the exchanges – institutionally and practically – between the two Countries.

Our competitive advantage is our knowledge of Chinese culture and language; a necessary tool for a better communication and understanding between the parties.

All these features paved the way to build up permanent and profitable relationships of collaboration and exchange.

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