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Veronica Amati was born in 2016. Taking advantage of the long experience of EC Target in event organisation, our new brand focuses on wedding planning and private events.

Actually, we decided to turn a service we have been providing for years into a separate brand. Why? Mainly because of our success in this field of private parties and weddings. We created Veronica Amati in order to give our clients two different brands (EC Target and Veronica Amati) for two different needs (public and private events).

Customisation and details are Veronica Amati's guidelines. The goal of every single party consists in satisfying the emotional expectations of each client, by creating something he/she won't forget. Usually our themed cakes and unique, custom keepsakes hit the target.

Thanks to our specific expertise developed in EC Target, Veronica and her collaborators offer destination wedding services for foreigners - particularly for Chinese people, since our deep knowledge of their culture makes us comfortable in dealing with such a rich a different Country.

wedding planner




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