ec target chi siamo giulia bottaro

Giulia Bottaro

Event and Linguistic Coordinator

I strive for my ideals, I love creating somthing beautiful with other people and facing new challenges. Determined and charming, my Chinese zodiac animal had to be Tiger!

I've been working in EC Target since 2012, nowadays I manage both event planning and linguistic services. I work for national and international exhibitions and conferences, supporting our clients during all the phases of an event; from staff recruitment to coordination during the event.

I translate websites, brochures, documentaries (some of which are broadcast by Discovery Channel, Sky Arte, National Geographic, etc.). I supervise an efficient team of translators and interpreters who work for EC Target in order to offer the best linguistic service that will meet the needs of our clients.

Graduated in Letterature e Traduzione Interculturale (Intercultural Literature and Translation) in Rome, with an internship at the American University JCU, I keep studying Chinese language at Istituto Confucio. Immediately after my graduation, I took postgraduate degree course in Event Management and started working for EC Target.

I write short stories and compose music in my spare time. With my bands, I published CDs, musical scores and played in several venues and festivals in Italy and in UK.

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