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Communication and cultural mediation, business negotiation, languages, Chinese culture and market, event organization and management.

The women in charge of EC Target can manage all the above.

Veronica Tasciotti

Founder & Managing Director

Veronica was born in Lazio and studied in Lazio. She started working in Milan, then in China, then she came back to Rome. Expert in business negotiation, she taught Chinese language and event organization.

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Giulia Bottaro

Event and Linguistic Coordinator

Being a translator, she knows how to understand other cultures, and she exploits her skills in event organization and project management. Graduated in Letterature e Traduzione Interculturale (Intercultural Literature and Translation) in Rome, with an internship at the American University JCU, she keeps studying Chinese language to improve her skills.

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Giulia Giorgini

Executive Assistant

She studied sociology, and she has a natural understanding of people and personnel management skills at coordinating people's activities. She actively coordinates and organises events.

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