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About Us

EC Target is a services agency based in Rome, working in Italy, Europe and China. We take care of the organisation and management of national and international events. We provide firms with business consultancy, with a special eye on Chinese marketing. We believe that knowing the culture of a Country is the key to long-term profitable relationships.

"Chi conosce il territorio ha le maggiori possibilità di vittoria in battaglia" (Confucio)


Business consultancy

Our strength is consultancy. Our winning card consists in a deep knowledge of cultural, commercial and linguistic aspects of the countries we work with. We make use of the best professionals’ collaboration in several fields in order to give uniqueness to every event.


Specialisation and variety; two sides of the same coin

EC Target takes care of event organisation, consultancy and more since 2006. Veronica Tasciotti, the managing director, is always bursting with ideas, and the company is becoming more and more specialised.

Moreover, EC Target has always known how to organise a party. In order to provide our clients with the best solutions, we created the new brand Veronica Amati, exclusively dedicated to wedding and private parties.

Last but not least, we design and produce gadgets for any kind of event.

It is exactly our multi-tasking skills that make us at ease when dealing with different tasks according to our clients' needs. We can both organise complex events or offer single highly


Success is a question of trust - in China and abroad.

Due to a wide know-how of the Chinese social and economic fabric, EC Target is focused on China consulting. Veronica, Managing Director, lived in Shanghai and Beijing, where she offered follow-up support to companies. All our staff has personal experience of cultural mediation, because you need to know the culture of a Country in order to understand people and gain their trust.


Why EC Target?

As we have several interests and targets, our name has several interpretations, too. The capital letters, "E" and "C", stand for "Europe" and "China. Therefore, EC Target's main target is to promote the relations between these two great Countries.

Moreover, "EC" in English sounds pretty like "easy", since you will easily achieve your objective thanks to our business advice.

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